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Questions for Book Discussions


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You can discuss the book after you read it. Here are some questions.

The five W's:
  • Ask your child "Who, What, When, and Where" questions about the story.

  • Ask your child "How and Why" questions about the story.

  • Ask your child "what will happen next?" while reading the story; or, "What will happen next after the story is over?"

Story Retelling and Sequence Questions:
  • Ask your child to retell the basic story to you.
  • Ask questions about the sequence of events: what happened first, next, last, before an event and after an event.

  • Ask your child about his or her favorite character or favorite part of the story.
  • Ask your child why he or she likes or doesn't like a certain character or part of the story.

Relate to Life Experiences:
  • Ask your child to think of something similar to what happened in the story. For example, if the story takes place at the beach, talk about when your family last went to the beach or what you might like to do at the beach.

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