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Due to COVID-19, REading ADvantage Inc. has suspended most community engagements and activities until further notice.

About Our Programs

REadingADvantage, Inc., offers literacy programs to low-income families of public and private non-profit organizations. We currently offer three literacy programs and are developing a fourth:

Parent Power! The ABCs of Early Literacy Workshop
Storybook Connection (In development)

We are pleased to be able to offer our workshops in both English and in Spanish.

If your agency is a public or private non-profit organization and you would like to receive more information about our literacy programs or discuss bringing one of our workshops to your families, please contact our director via the link in the footing.

Parent Power! The ABCs of Early Literacy Workshop

Our Parent Power! The ABCs of Early Literacy Workshop began May 2013 and provides hands-on instruction and free books to teach parents how to read with their children to increase their children's language development, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. This program is designed to teach and encourage parents to participate daily in their children's literary and academic progress by providing the skills and tools needed to read with their children. Our workshops are one hour in length and are available at no cost to low-income families of public and private non-profit agencies. Workshops have been provided at such non-profit locations as: Liberty Adult Education Center, Brighter Beginnings (Antioch First 5), Prospects High School, Pioneer Elementary School, and local churches.

Storybook Connection

We have partnered with the Community Services Bureau, a county agency, to connect incarcerated people with their children through reading. Here's an article from the CBS newsletter:

CBS is expanding its partnership with REadingADvantage to serve parents who are incarcerated at the West County Detention Facility or who are in residential treatment at Ujima Recovery Centers throughout the county and are separated from their children. The partnership seeks to develop, preserve, and enrich the relationship between the parent and child by recording the parent while reading quality children's literature and then delivering the recording along with the book to the child that is "on the outside."

The partnership will include the parents of children already enrolled in our program and will also work with parents with children that are eligible for our program while they are awaiting an enrollment opportunity. This element of the program will serve to build on our existing partnership whereby REadingADvantage provides parent workshops and books to foster the love of reading and emphasize the importance of reading to your child as a measure of success later in life. If you know of parents that could benefit from this program, contact Christina Reich, CBS Division Manager, at 925-681-6345.

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